Top 10 Supermetrics Connectors any Marketer Needs in 2022

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Long gone are the days when companies spent hours manually creating and updating reports. Today, marketing automation is used by the best marketing teams to make their campaigns more precise, provide better leads to their sales teams, and generate higher ROI.

Supermetrics is a solution which helps marketers to collect, store, and analyze data in a simple, flexible, and scalable way. It’s a comprehensive solution with more details, customization, and scalability as the business expands.

In this article, we discuss the most useful Supermetrics connectors that are very efficient, can save hours each week and improve report quality at the same time. But before we get to the list, let’s quickly look at Supermetrics connectors.

What are Supermetrics Connectors?

Supermetrics Data connectors, also known as Supermetrics integrations, work with the most popular platforms to send your marketing and sales data to your preferred reporting, analytics, or storage platform.

Supermetrics connectors

You can examine the data you need and create personalized marketing reports for your clients, management team, or your own research. It automates the flow of data from more than 90 sales and marketing platforms into familiar reporting and analytics tools for marketers. In addition, each connector is well documented on the supermetrics website.

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1. Instagram

With over 800 million unique monthly users on Instagram, marketers know that marketing on the platform is worth it. And this is where Supermetrics comes into the picture.

With the Instagram Insights connector, you can monitor the performance of your organic marketing, while the Instagram Public Data connector looks at profile information, post interactions, and hashtag engagements.

2. Facebook

With roughly 3 billion active users, Facebook advertising is seen by a large number of individuals regularly, which is a great weapon for marketers.

You can efficiently transport aggregated data from all of your Facebook advertising and marketing networks to a platform of your choice using Supermetrics Facebook connectors. The best part- without ever leaving the spreadsheet or dashboard, users can build personalized reports in minutes.

3. LinkedIn

This connector is used to pull critical information like cost, impressions, clicks, and conversions to track the performance of your LinkedIn ad campaigns.

Linkedin Supemetrics

Marketers can get an overview of organic performance, including page performance, post engagements, and audience demographics, using the LinkedIn Pages connector. Supermetrics is the solution to use if you want to move your LinkedIn Pages or LinkedIn Ads data to your preferred platform in a more concise and presentable manner.

4. Twitter

Marketers use Twitter advertising to expand their audience, market their products, increase traffic to the website, and more. The Supermetrics Twitter connectors make it easier to track industry trends and analyze your competitors’ performance.

You can use Supermetrics’ Twitter Advertising connector to pull critical metrics like cost, clicks, conversions, and audience demographics if you’re running ads on Twitter. The Twitter Premium connector allows you to track crucial organic analytics from your accounts, such as profile performance, tweet interactions, and demographics of your audience.

5. SEO

By connecting to your preferred platform, Supermetrics for SEO makes it simple for marketers to maintain track of their internal links, referring domains, and backlink profiles. Supermetrics integrates smoothly with some of the greatest SEO platforms, including Google Trends, Moz, Google Search Console, and others.

These connectors let you combine data from several sources, such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. You may also use Supermetrics to examine the link profile of your competitors.

6. YouTube

Youtube has become a popular place for businesses to sell themselves. Companies can either use YouTube Ads or create valuable videos on their YouTube channel to promote their services and products.

By merging data from YouTube with your web analytics and advertising data, you can integrate data from numerous channels, build multi-account reports, and analyze your marketing effectiveness using Supermetrics.

7. Salesforce

Salesforce is a solution in and of itself that allows you to dig deeper into all of your metrics and data while also improving your relationships with partners, customers, and new customers. However, it is undeniable that, with so many functions and add-ons, the platform can be difficult to manage.

You can easily and quickly move Salesforce data to your preferred platform using Supermetrics. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector allows you to view all of your email tracking stats and even automate your complete email campaign and journey reporting.

8. Email

You can use this connector to share and display your Mailchimp data to any storage location of your preference. Apart from Mailchimp, Supermetrics includes connections for Hubspot and Klaviyo, two major email marketing solutions. It includes features such as analyzing link click performance for particular URLs in your emails and many others.

9. Google Trends

With Supermetrics, you can analyze search trends on a global level or query a specific country. This allows you to be on the level with your competition and improve your reach. You are also provided with features to inspect keyword popularity by geolocation- which can be a very useful feature when making campaigns for a target audience.

10. Pinterest

Supermetrics pinterest report

These connectors let you access and report on all of your Pinterest Ads data and dimensions. You may also learn more about the Pinterest Ads Report Template for Google Data Studio

Wrapping it Up

In a world where marketing automation rules, tools like Supermetrics Connectors can provide excellent goal monitoring capabilities. Let us know which Connector is the most valuable and functional. To get started, head over to and open an account to get access to all the useful connectors available.