The Best Google Data Studio Connectors For Marketers in 2022

Data connectors

One of the main advantages of Google Data Studio are the connectors which give you the option to connect any data source in just some clicks to create your report. If you are looking for Google Data Studio connectors, you found the right place because we are going to show you the best 30+ free and paid Data Studio connectors, including CRM, SEO, SEM, and E-commerce connectors

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Google Data Studio overview

According to Google, Google Data Studio is a free tool that turns your data into informative, easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable dashboards and reports. Through Google Data Studio you can connect your data source and tell your stories with real data, charts, tables, and interactive filters.

What can you connect to Google Data Studio?

As have been talking, you can connect your data to Google data Studio through free or paid connectors, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or databases like BigQuery. Also, you can use Google Data Studio to connect CSV files and upload data from different sources to visualize information not otherwise supported by the other connectors.

What can you use Google Data Studio for?

You can use Data Studio to visualize your data, create and share dashboards and reports. We encourage you to read our Google Data Studio tutorial and know different use cases.

Why you should use Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is rising in popularity and it currently has a higher demand than its competitors as it certainly offers features that other tools do not have. For example, it is for free which means easy access. Also, Google Data Studio is known as a beginner-friendly tool that can give you the option to generate automated reports intuitively.

Google Trends Data: Google Data Studio searches

On the other hand, the digital marketing industry is becoming more data-driven than ever according to research published in the Journal of Business Research in 2021.Also, creating visually attracting dashboards and being able to understand how to measure and analyze data is becoming an essential skill. According toa survey made by SparkToro in 2020, these are the most essential skills for aspiring marketers

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What are Data Studio Connectors?

As explained by Google: connectors are the mechanism that Google Data Studio accesses to a specific data platform, system, or product. A connector creates a data source in Data Studio.

For example: if you use a Facebook Ads connector, this connector will transform your ads campaign into a data source which you can use to build a report on Data Studio.

Google Data Studio Partner Connectors

Nowadays, Data Studio Connectors provide significant value to customers which can be achieved through a minimal development investment on the company’s behalf. As a result, marketers, and data analysts can rely on Data Studio as a free and powerful reporting and analysis solution.

Data Studio Connectors can be built, deployed, and distributed for free and this means that anyone can build a community connector and pull data to create interactive dashboards.

To summarize, we can classify Data Studio connectors into three broad categories:

  • Free Connectors, powered by Google
  • Partner Connectors, which are typically paid
  • Open Source Connectors
  • Data Studio partners connectors & Google connectors

Free Data Studio connectors

According to our experience, Google Data Studio is free because it’s a lever of growth to encourage traction and adoption for BigQuery, one of the core products of Google Cloud Platform. Its connectors are also for free and perfect for beginners who can use them to create dashboards without experience. These are connectors built for Google:

  • Google Analytics
  • Youtube
  • Google Ads
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Surveys
  • Google Sheets
  • PostgreSQL
  • Google BigQuery

Google Analytics connector

Google Analytics lets you understand how the visitors on your site, app, or internet-connected device find and use your website. Data Studio can be visualized through the Google Analytics Connector using the same data available in Analytics custom reporting.

This connector is amazing for marketing, data analysts, and other data specialists as it provides quick access to Google Analytics data in multiple reports. The data arrives structured in a way that only requires one connection per report for a specific instance or view.


The same connector can link Data Studio to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), however, some functionalities on GA4 properties in Data Studio are still limited. For instance, there is no data control option and no segment option as these are not yet part of GA4 properties.

In addition, the data is delivered in a different format than the standard GA export, so users need to learn how to extract the information from the new file type.

The best approach to implement your marketing data into Google Data Studio

Develop cross-channel interactive reports with the Google Data Studio by incorporating Facebook, HubSpot, Instagram, and countless information.

Establish your worth with a dashboard

Spreadsheets are ideal for ad hoc data crunching and analysis, but your results are not pleasant to present to non-marketers. You want to make your findings easy to consume instead of confusing your manager or client with an enormous table. Data and dashboards can improve visualization.

You can design the Dashboard from Google Data Studio. The system will instantly pull the information from as many sources as you require. The best part is it takes only a few minutes to get started because all you have to do is validate your data sources.

We highly recommend you to understand it better. start with our free trial

Combine data from several sources

Google Data Studio is a clear accessible tool for the formation of prominently supplicating dashboards. The individual reporting of UI provides on each platform — and each user interface has its unique features. Rather than getting well acquainted with these oddities, you may draw data from several data sources, including Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, HubSpot, and many others, directly into your Data Studio Dashboard.

At, we try our best to provide you all the measurements and dimensions from the most major marketing platforms instead of obtaining limited data sets from hundreds of sources. You may even find some measurements and dimensions not present in native platforms by looking closely.

Automate transfers of information and focus on issues

Why not automate tedious data and concentrate time on what is a real producing result. Instead of spending hours every month creating reports to your managers, customers, or both?

You will see what works and what does not at a glance with for Data Studio. You can also focus on building new ad groups, tweaking existing campaigns, and repeating the most effective ad variants rather than manually adding data to your dashboard if you know which fields need improvement. Surprisingly all of these can be done without ever leaving Data Studio.

Fetch unlimited data from Big Query

If your marketing data warehouse is using the Google Big Query, you will have fun. Unlike other available solutions, connects with a single data source instance into all of your Big Query tables and draws all that data into Data Studio. Also, to merge data from different tables, you do not have to write a single line of SQL.

Our Data Studio Big Query connector also comes with intelligent features. The connectors do all hard lifting from the automatic setting of the appropriate data types to fields and adding calculated metrics such as a CTR, to focus on more important aspects such as analysis and optimization of results.