A List Of The Most Popular Google Data Connectors

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Data Connectors are on the rise. With managements and individuals alike constantly on the lookout for accurate and simplified representation of data in the form of dashboards, these connectors have proved to be the most effective in recent years. With Data Studio Community Connectors, a data source can be connected directly to Data Studio via the internet. These connectors help in creating seamless reports by integrating them to social media platforms, for CRM, advertising, finance etc.

Data Connectors can be created and launched for free, meaning anyone with enough knowledge can build a community connector that created interactive dashboards by concentrating data.

This list includes some of the most popular Google Data Studio Connectors. While several connectors are offered to users for free, certain connectors charge a fixed sum of money since they claim to be better, optimized and more versatile options in the market.


Market research tools such as Google Surveys allow you to easily create online surveys to help make informed business decisions. Publishers get paid as their users answer surveys on the web, and users get free access to high-quality content. The Google surveys connector is a free connector created by google to efficiently provide pictorial representations of the surveys that have been collected from the audience targeted. It also facilitates faster means of acquiring answers since this connecter allows accessing of response data accumulated from the existing surveys.

Ad+Google Analytics Data by Supermetrics

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Supermetrics is one of the top-rated platforms that provide connectors for a wide variety of use cases since the early years. As an organization that has catered to over 700k+ marketers throughout the world, the Ad+Google Analytics Data Connector by Supermetrics is one of the top products by Supermetrics. It allows users to combine google analytics data and data from paid channels so understand which campaigns lead to maximum conversion.

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The connector supports the building of dashboards with the exact amount of data you need. Turning off data sampling will assure results from reliable web analytics data.

Linkedin Ads Data by OnDigital


Linkedin has proven to be the top medium of information exchange for professionals. A majority of marketers within a professional field would like to filter their audience by advertising on professional platforms. Sever organizations and individuals take advantage of this by consistently putting out marketing gimmicks and campaigns on the platform. Linkedin Ads Data by OnDigital is a popular connector that lets you integrate all the Linkedin ad data onto simple and clutter-free dashboards. It is paid but consists of a 7-day free trial.

Call Details by CallRail


As the name suggests, the Call Details connector does precisely what it says. Launched by Call Rail, which also features several other offerings related to calling data interpretation, Call details allow viewing of several CallRail data collections in a single report. The primary feature of the data connector creation of custom visual reportings for phonecalls adhering to the metrics set by the user. It also includes the pairing of call data with other third-party sources such as Google Analytics.

Amazon MWS by Power My Analytics

Amazon MWS

The term dropshipping and selling of products on the e-commerce giant Amazon is fluent to several individuals and organizations alike. A visual representation of data regarding the to and fros of their business is crucial for these sellers.

Amazon MWS by Power My Analytics connects to the amazon seller data and provides a distinctive data report that consists of all the dimensions or metrics that the user might need. It also provides a demo dashboard with which one can check and change any metrics according to their needs. The organization boasts of being an agency preferred contractor since they have been delivering top-quality phone support and customer service.

Apple Search Ads by Windsor.ai

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Apple is generally known by the masses to be exclusive and allow access to only certain entities. Apple Search Ads by Windsor.ai is a connector that provides creative and a wide set of metrics from the Search Ads by the user. The criteria or prerequisites for using this connector is that the user should have a valid Apple Search Ads ID and a minimum one Ad Account attached to it.