How to connect Google Data Studio to Youtube

Google Data Studio is a significant tool that allows you to analyze large amounts of data from various sources. The Google Data Studio YouTube Channel Analytics report gives you insights into the performance of your YouTube channels over time.

YouTube has become the largest video-sharing site on the web. In 2016 alone, YouTube had 2.5 billion unique visitors per month. This makes it the third most visited website after Facebook and Wikipedia.

Data Studio helps you gain insights into your audience behavior across multiple platforms such as social media, email marketing, and other websites. By analyzing these data sets, you can create actionable insights that allow you to improve your marketing strategy.

How to connect to YouTube Analytics

Sign in to Data Studio. In the top left, click Data Source. Select the YouTube Analytics connector. Provide your connection details. After connecting, you will see a new data set called YouTube AnalyticsConnector.

Connection options

Connecting to external data sources allows you to analyze performance across multiple channels. You can connect to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Gmail, Dropbox, Salesforce, Slack, GitHub, and many others. This helps you understand how each channel affects overall performance.

When connected to an external source, you’ll see metrics such as impressions, CTR, conversions, and much more. These insights give you a deeper understanding of what’s happening with your marketing efforts.

My Channel

– Analyze your YouTube statistics

It will give you overall view of how well your videos perform on YouTube. You can see how many views each video gets, how long people watch your videos, and much more. You can even compare your channel performance with other channels.

You can select different parameters to filter your analysis. For example, you can choose whether to include or exclude certain types of videos. Or you can focus on specific countries.

Content Owners

YouTube introduced “Content Owner” controls in 2018. These allow you to access specific videos within your account to people outside of YouTube. You can do this for everyone on your team or just select one person. Once someone receives permission, they’ll see a box next to each video where they can grant it access. They can revoke access anytime if they don’t want to view it anymore.

If you’re looking to keep certain videos out of reach, you can use the same tool to limit viewing to only those who are part of your family, friends, or colleagues. You can even prevent people from sharing your videos with anyone else.

The best finding about this option is, you can change the settings whenever you like. If you decide you want to make sure no one ever views your cat videos again, you can easily block them.

Google+ Pages

The Google+ team announced today that it is launching a new tool called “Pages.” These are essentially profiles for businesses — think LinkedIn Profiles — that allow people to see what type of content a particular brand publishes.

With Pages, brands can easily post photos, videos, articles, events, and checklists to their profile. They can also use the same profile to interact with customers and fans on Google+. For example, a restaurant could post reviews and menus on their Google+ Page and invite guests to comment on those posts.

This feature will help you manage channels better.


What is a Youtube Channel Report?

A Youtube channel report helps you monitor the performance of your YouTube channel and make adjustments based on your findings. You can use it to find out how many views your videos are getting, where your audience lives, and even discover trends over time. In addition, you can use it to see how your video rankings change over time.

Youtube reports are generated weekly and provide information such as view counts, comments, likes, dislikes, and upload dates. These numbers tell you whether your videos are performing well or poorly. They can also reveal exciting facts like which countries your audience is coming from and which languages people prefer.


Five reasons to use a Youtube Channel Performance Report

A lot of businesses don’t know how to measure success online. They spend hours making videos, uploading them to social media channels, and hoping they’ll do something good for their brand. But it doesn’t always work like that. There may be various factors go into whether or not your videos perform well. Read on if you want to ensure you’re doing everything possible to increase viewership.

1. Find out what people are searchin for

You can easily find out what topics people are searching for on YouTube. Here, you’ll see a list of popular searches and the number of views each one received. You can even sort by keyword popularity to see what people want.

2. Understand Your Audience Demographics

If you’ve wondered why some of your videos performed better than others, now might be the time to figure it out. The Youtube Channel Dashboard makes it easy to see where your audience lives, works, goes to school and plays sports. You can learn about age, gender, location, spoken language, and more.

3. See Which Types Of Content Engage Them

Analyzing your channel performance report is the best way to determine what content your audience enjoys watching. In addition to seeing which videos receive the most views, you can also find out which types of videos tend to generate the highest levels of engagement. From there, you can decide what videos you should produce next.

4. Identify Trends Over Time

Another great thing about the Youtube Channel Dashboard is that you can see how your channel has changed over time. This gives you insight into what kind of content performs well in specific periods. It can help you understand your audience’s engagement with your videos.

5. Make Adjustments Based On The Results

Once you have all the necessary information, you can adjust your strategy accordingly. Maybe you should focus more on producing videos about a specific topic instead of trying to cover too many subjects at once. Or perhaps you should try posting more frequently to keep up with trends.


How to create a Data Studio Youtube Report?

You’ve just uploaded videos to YouTube, and now you want to see how well they perform. You could spend hours searching through analytics reports and manually checking out each video, but there’s a better way. With Data Studio, you can quickly create a Youtube report that includes all the metrics that matter most to you.

Step 1: Set up your account.

Before creating your Youtube report, ensure you have set up your account correctly. If you haven’t already done so, go to “Account Settings,” select “YouTube Analytics,” and enable “Reporting.”

Step 2: Choose your Youtube channel.

Once logged into your Youtube account, choose the channel you wish to analyze. Click on the cog icon next to the channel’s name and select “Edit Channel Settings.”

Step 3 – Add the metrics you care about

Now that you know which metrics you want to include in your report, click on the cog icon again and select “Add Metrics.” Here, you will see a list of available metrics to add to your report.

Step 4: Create your Youtube report.

After adding the metrics you want to track, click on the blue button labeled “Create Report.” A new window will open, and you can enter the title of your report there.

Step 5 – Preview & Publish your Youtube report

After entering the title, you can preview your report by clicking on the green arrow. When satisfied with the results, click on the red button labeled “Publish Report.” Your report will be published immediately.

That’s it! Now you can view your Youtube report whenever you like.