How can Google Data Studio Amplify Your Business Presentations?

GA sample report

A good business presentation reflects highly on the quality of your business. In today’s tech-driven business world, appealing visuals are everything that could provide great meaning to your presentations. The days of boring long-text presentations are long gone because no one really has the patience and time in hand to sit through them.

Google Data Studio helps in transforming huge volumes of data into meaningful charts, bars, pie charts, graphs, and more. This way, a story could be built and presented to the clients to help them make informed decisions. It helps in grabbing their attention and keeping them engaged throughout.

Businesses often lose valuable potential clients because of bad presentations or presentations that clients could hardly follow.

What is Google Data Studio?

Google defines Data Studio as a tool that turns data into informative, easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable dashboards and reports. Businesses can use this tool to convert raw data into readable reports in a single dashboard.

How can Google Data Studio help in amplifying business presentations?

The following Google Data Studio features can be used by businesses to improve business presentations:

Visual Cues

Data Studio provides various visual cues like funnels, colors, and location indicators. Funnels could be useful for displaying comparisons of various parameters like sales, traffic, and more in a precise format. Clients can easily grasp the information being represented and are engaged to learn more.

Colors could help in the quick categorization of different parameters without having to use long descriptive texts.

Google Data Studio Parameters

Parameters in Data Studio

Parameters provide data to the calculated fields and connectors in a Google Data Studio Report. For any changes that need to be done in those fields, changes in the parameters will automatically update the reports.

This helps in presenting real-time reports without having to engage employees for hours to extract the information manually.


Another important feature of Google Data Studio is segmentation. It helps in segmentation the entire data into different dashboards and reports. Users can segment according to their needs and switch between dashboards and reports in no time. You can analyze the information you want at a certain time, which saves quite beneficial during presentations wherein only needed information can be presented to keep it short and simple.

Saved templates

Google Data Studio comes with existing templates that could helpful for beginners who have the least experience in dealing with humungous data. To use an existing template, you simply need to extract data from your own data warehouse with Google BigQuery. It will automatically present the data in a presentable format that is easy to understand. This way, new businesses could also make power presentations without much hassle.

Data blending

Data blending feature helps in combining multiple data sources with each other and turning them into one visualization. Users do not need to filter data from different sources to sort them into one.


tooltip data studio

A Tooltip helps in adding additional valuable information to your Data Studio reports, by providing direction and context to the information represented. Thus it makes the reports more interactive for the viewers.

A Tooltip appears as a popup when viewers hover over a component on the report. This pop-up displays additional information on the component to provide additional information on it for a better understanding. This helps in keeping the report decluttered and at the same time providing necessary information to facilitate better understanding.

Pivot Tables

Pivot tables data studio

Pivot table is a powerful tool that helps in classifying a huge volume of data belonging to various categories into a single report in no time. A Pivot Table is an important tool for generating client-centric reports. All you need to do is decide the categories based on which you need the classification. The data is presented in meaningful numbers in a single table. You can filter data in your pivot table by sorting, date range, table filters, or dashboard controls.


Google Data Studio has become one of the most important online tools for every type of business. Businesses that have been using it for quite some time have benefitted tremendously from it. In a technology-dominated business world, the right analysis and segregation of data play a key role in a business’ performance and success. Google Data Studio is the perfect tool for every business to manage their data effectively.