Check Out This Amazing Visual Vocabulary For Looker Studio Reports

Looker Studio Visuals

Ever feel like your data is trapped in a dull, number-crunching dungeon? Well, fear not, because I stumbled upon this amazing reposity of Looker Studio visuals that will help you sprinkle some visual magic on your charts! 🌈✨

Take a look at these Visual Graphs

There’s a secret sauce to this visual feast! Marc Soares (who created these) drew inspiration from the Financial Times Online Magazine, which, let’s be real, knows how to turn data into a visual fiesta. Check out their treasure trove of visuals on GitHub: FT Visual Vocabulary Repository.

So, what’s the deal with Soares’ graphs? Well, they’re not your grandma’s bar charts – they’re like the rockstars of data representation. Each graph is a tiny work of art, making you forget you’re knee-deep in spreadsheets. Click on the link, and you’re in for a treat – a kaleidoscope of colors, shapes, and oh-so-smooth data flow.

The Financial Times’ influence is like Soares’ data fairy godparent, guiding the way to visual wonderland. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about telling a story. Soares’ graphs are like the narrators of the data world, making even the driest stats come to life.

More cool visuals

Now, let’s talk variety. Soares’ got it all – bar charts, line graphs, pie charts – it’s like a data carnival. Because who said data can’t be fun? Want to compare stuff? Dive into the visual playground and let your inner data explorer loose.

But here’s the real game-changer – interactivity. Click, hover, and voila! You’re not just staring at graphs; you’re part of the data adventure. It’s like having a magic wand that reveals hidden insights with a flick. Interactive graphs – making data exploration cool since whenever Soares decided to make them.

Sharing is caring, right? Soares gets it. With Looker Studio’s sharing feature, you can spread the visual joy with your team. Collaboration has never been this fun – throw in some graphs, add a dash of insights, and you’ve got yourself a data party.

To sum it up, Marc Soares’ visual graphs are the breath of fresh air your data has been craving. Inspired by the FT wizards, he’s turned data representation into a visual playground. So, click that link, brace yourself for a data rollercoaster, and let’s make data fun again! 🚀📊