8 Beautiful & Free Data Studio Templates

Aro Digital Google Data Studio Dashboard

There are so many great Data Studio templates out there! So, let’s make another list, shall we?

Google Data Studio is such a versatile tool, although it can be a bit overwhelming to configure from a blank slate. Luckily, there are a bunch of amazing Data Studio templates out there which you can use to display the metrics that you or your client need.

In this article, I am going to show you 8 of the best Google Data Studio templates that will save you time and help you tell the right story with your website’s data.

If you’re new to Data Studio, then check out this guide which will quickly teach you everything you need to know (not everything, but you know, it’s a start).

How do I set up the dashboards for use?

Since this is a Google product, you first need to create and be logged into a Google account. You can sign up for a free account if you do not already have one.

Next, just pick a template from the ones listed below and click on the picture of the dashboard you want to use. This will open the selected dashboard in Data Studio so that you can begin working with it.

Now you should make a copy of this template by clicking the “Make a copy of this report” button:

Make copy of report

Copying this template requires us to create a new report., which, in turn, means that you also have to select your own data source.

While these templates are a great way to quickly get going with your own dashboard, it is not the entirety of getting them up and running with useful data. To put these templates to use, you will need to use the Data Studio connectors in your account to properly display your metrics.

How to use Data Studio Connectors

Google Data Studio has a set of free connectors, with the Google Analytics connector being one of the more useful of the defaults. In addition to that, there are many “community connectors” which provide access to much more than what the free connectors can offer. Finally, there are also premium connectors that allow you to connect to tools such as SEMRush, MOZ, Facebook Ads, Google My Business, and much more.

The 8 free Data Studio templates below all use Google Data Studio’s free connectors, but if you want to unlock the full power of Data Studio, you should consider upgrading to a premium Supermetrics account to access the best connectors available for webmasters.

Let’s jump in!

#8. Google Search Console

Search Console Data Studio Template

This 7-page report from Hannah Rampton is somehow free, yet feels as premium as it gets. This report requires you to link your Google Search Console to it, and then it provides a ton of useful and configurable charts. Not only that, but it is completely documented with extensive help and links to additional resources.

The initial report page is an introduction with a getting started section and an animated GIF that shows you a screencast of some of the power of this template, while the final page is a quick help guide. The 5 pages in between give you various reports that are highly interactive.

On the bottom of these 5 pages, you will find a list of your top keywords. You can click on these keywords and isolate useful information on each page. For instance, on page 4 you have access to geographical information. This means when you click on keywords it will show on a world map where all the impressions and clicks that correspond to them.

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#7. Aro Digital’s Performance Dashboard

Aro Digital Google Data Studio Dashboard

Developed by Aro Digital, this is a 4-page report dashboard that combines Google Ads, Search Console, and Analytics data into a bunch of useful charts and one metric-rich experience. While the report is getting a bit old, it actually still works as expected when hooked into the appropriate Google data sources.

The first page gives you an overview of the most important metrics like users, revenue, and site health. The second page is extremely useful for anyone who uses Google and Facebook Ads to try and make revenue, as this report breaks down revenue from social media, organic and paid traffic as well as by city and device. The third page is exclusively focused on Google Ads, while the final page is devoted to Google search performance metrics, including your top 20 traffic-generating keywords (pulled from Google Search Console.)

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#6. Google Analytics Report for Ecommerce

Google Data Studio PPC Dashboard

This report was developed by One PPC and it is stuffed with charts, tables, and graphs that together give you over 3o pages of useful information pulled from your Google Analytics. If your website sells things and you have e-commerce conversions properly tracking in Google Analytics, then I highly recommend you connect your GA account to this template and see for yourself how useful the financial information in this report is.

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#5. Gallantway eCommerce Digital Report

Beautiful and Free Google Data Studio Report

While the last report focused on packing every e-commerce metric possible into a sprawling 31-page report, this eCommerce dashboard instead focuses on simplicity by providing only a few key metrics per page with a minimal design aesthetic. However, each of the 8 pages also allows you to drill down into very specific statistics using drop-down menus to narrow or broaden your data-set.

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#4. SEO Keyword Audit

Porter Google Data Studio Template

This report is very useful for keeping track of keyword cannibalization, as well as long-tail and short-tail keyword performance. The color-coding for clicks vs impressions helps you to identify keywords that you’re failing to get a good click-through-rate on, based upon the number of impressions the keyword phrase has against the number of clicks it has received.

You can actually make this report much more useful by using the top menu to drill down into specific keywords, keyword types, as well as specific queries and other metrics to drill down deep into your data, despite this being only a single-page dashboard.

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#3. Site Speed Performance

Site Speed Performance Dashboard Data Studio

It’s no secret that Google is heavily favoring websites that are fast and penalizing sites that too slow. That’s why this Site Speed Performance report comes in handy, which does a great job of providing easy access to many speed-related charts and tables. This report breaks things down by device, data and time, and a lot more. Plus, it’s a beauty!

While the customization options are limited, you can of course edit the report and suit it to your own needs with a bit of work.

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#2. Merchandise Store, Website Performance Report

Merchandise Store Website Report Data Studio

Of all the Google Data Studio templates I’ve listed so far, this is the one I check most often. That’s because this report manages to consolidate most of the important statistics from Google Analytics into a concise, one-page dashboard that is jam-packed with information.

If you spend a lot of time clicking through Google Analytics on a daily basis, consider using this dashboard as a replacement or at least as a starter dashboard to further customize.

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#1. User by Time of Day

Users by Time of Day Google Data Studio

Knowing your audience means posting content when they’re likely to read it. That’s what this report does, as it shows you the most popular days and times that your site is being used.

This concise and focused dashboard was created by Agata Adamiak for Business Ahead and it can help you schedule your content for publishing on the day and time when you’re likely to have the most visitors.

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Remember to Embed Reports on Webpages

If you have one or more reports that you like to include on a webpage, you can actually do that pretty easily by embedding the report in an iframe. This can be a great way to stitch together multiple unrelated reports or to provide updated information on an otherwise static page. I wrote more about how to embed a dashboard in this article.


All 8 of these Google Data Studio templates are high quality and thanks to their default connectors, are basically useable out-of-the-box as long as you’re using some Google services such as Analytics and Search Console.

If you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for in this post, we’ll publish more of these lists during 2020 an beyond.

Thanks for reading and have fun!

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